FAQs about Body Coloring

What’s Body Coloring?

It gives you tanned look. It’s also called ‘Fake Tanning’ or ‘Sunless tanning’,
because this treatment is for people who want to enjoy sun-kissed skin colour without sun damage.

How does it work?

Body coloring solution contains ‘DHA ( Dihydroxyacetone )’,
which is an aliphatic ketone. It reacts with the first layer of skin and makes your skin look tanned.
‘DHA’ has been used for cosmetics for many years now,
so you don’t need to worry about dry skin, wrinkles, freckles, etc.

How long will it last?

5-7days after treatment, it will start fading out and revert back to your original skin colour.
Dry skin and lack of sleep might be a cause of it not lasting as long.

Does it protect me from the sun?

Unfortunately not.

What should I wear during treatment?

We have disposable bras and shorts that you can use.
Although your own bikini would be fine, the material should be 100% cotton.

Anything I should DO & NOT DO BEFORE treatment?

Finish shaving or waxing unwanted hair 5~3 days before appointment.
Exfoliate knees, lower legs, ankles, toes, elbows, fingers one day before and moisturize very well.
Due to body cream / lotion, perfume, UV protection cream will repel tanning solution,
please don't use them on your appointment day.

Anything I should DO & NOT DO AFTER treatment?

After 4 hours of treatment, don't get sweaty, no showers / baths.
We highly recommend you not take a shower / bath on your treatment day.
Moisturizing your skin well will help it last a longer time.

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